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What we do

We partner and represent brands that want to develop into Chinese cross border brands. Our expertise is in building, developing and repositioning brands for a Chinese consumer. We mix innovative strategy, disruptive implementation, with omni-channel sales and cross border logistics.

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Our solutions

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DaigouSales is a solution for brands who want to engage directly with Chinese professional shoppers (Daigou) living in Australia and buying products on behalf of consumers living in China. DaigouSales is both a platform; a WeChat marketplace and a range of specific marketing services designed for this community. We provide brands with a fully managed and operated Flagship eStore within the DaigouSales Marketplace, which allows for cross border payments and has direct shipping into China. Leveraging the Chinese living overseas and buying/sending goods back to China (D2C channel) is the most cost effective and lowest risk to starting on your China export journey. Daigou are an effective social recommendation channel and great test environment prior to your entry into China via B2C platforms (such as Tmall, Jingdong & Little Red Book) and then into Retail (B2B).

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CrossBorder is a CBEC platform management solution where we work with you to select platforms, setup and manage eStores on China’s largest eCommerce platforms. We work as your TP (Third Party Service Provider) or can manage existing relationships. We will support you by: 1. Building a product portfolio; 2. Suggesting a pricing strategy; 3. Building a marketing/operations plan; 4. Execute operations plan; and 5. Report/Evaluate the operations/store performance.

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Slingshot is a retail solution for brands who want shelf presence in pharmacy, grocery or health food stores across Australia. From the early development stage, brands need to be sure they are creating meaningful products that are going to appeal to today’s savvy, price conscious consumers who are used to having everything at their fingertips. Our Slingshot program is a consignment model that puts products in front of consumers in retail stores so the brand can establish retail credibility, grow consumer awareness and drive sales before launching their export program.

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AmplifyX is a cross-border solution that allows the retail pharmacy to offer sales and distribution to customers wanting to purchase products and have these shipped directly to addresses in China. Over the past several years, retail pharmacies who had many Asian customers purchasing vitamins, supplements and infant formula have found these consumers to now have moved to buy in daigou gift stores. AmplifyX creates a level playing field for the Pharmacy wanting to offer their Asian customers with an easy, convenient and cost-effective China shipping service.

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Logistics as a service (LaaS) is an outsourced solution for brands looking to offer Chinese distribution. A company’s transportation spend is one of the largest budgetary items, so finding ways to save money is always a priority. In the supply chain industry, the cost-saving opportunities are endless, but it takes a special skill set to uncover the problems, formulate solutions, and implement changes. Our Logistics as a service (LaaS) solution can remove the budget burden with trained professionals dedicated to finding cost-savings on a daily basis. Our LaaS program is designed to reduce your transportation costs while also providing Chinese customer tail (B2B).

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Our team is ready to establish and grow your brand for the Chinese market. To request a copy of our company profile or arrange a discussion with with our sales team, please contact us today