B2CChina Cross border e-commerce Keybaord

Online marketplaces, such as Tmall Global and JD Global offer foreign brands broad exposure to Chinese retail consumers (B2C), as well as delivery, payment and other solutions. However, the main issue with these marketplace’s is that they take significant time, effort and money to setup and once running, the brand owner may not see any sales given their products had little to no brand awareness in China.

For many foreign brands looking to sell their wares into China, using a Chinese B2C platform is absolutely the right approach; it just comes down to timing and when to activate this channel.

As most brand owners would agree, if the brand is not known within the new market then there is little chance consumers will rush online to purchase. The solution is to go hard with social media programs (WeChat centric) that embrace key opinion leaders (KOL’s) and leverage paid media programs –unfortunately out of reach by many brands who would struggle to commit the budgets/time to undertake such an effort.

So where do brand owners go if they have aspirations to sell into China yet don’t have the financial resources to undertake the brand marketing?


DaigouSales is a WeChat D2C marketplace. Like Tmall, it offers brands a Flagship eStore  where they can promote their brand and products. The core difference is that Tmall is a B2C platform – selling to retail buyers and DaigouSales is a D2C platform – selling wholesale to daigou who buy on behalf of buyers in China.

The channel difference is very important for brands; B2C requires retail consumers living in China to have an awareness of the product in order to see sales. Whereas, D2C requires the daigou (Chinese living abroad and buying goods on behalf of mainland Chinese) to have an awareness of the product but considering the daigou is exposed to the brand in their home market they have often developed a view of this brand or with targeted daigou programs can learn more about this brand. The power of the D2C channel is that once the daigou has developed a brand relationship they become a trusted advocate for their buyers living back in China – even if their buyer in China has never heard of the brand they tend to trust the recommendation for their daigou contact.


For companies wanting to start selling to Chinese consumers, you can simply pay a monthly subscription of $249 and we will take care of the rest. We will run your eStore operations, provide Chinese/English customer service, handle the cross-border shipping and even help you along the way to activate a tailored daigou merchandising program.

  1. Localization:  Chinese culture can be a daunting task but we’ll remove the headaches and help you localize your content. We do much more than localization, we’ll capture your brand essence.
  2. Order Fulfilment:   Your orders are picked, packed and sent airfreight to China. We send parcels to China every day.
  3. Strategic Planning:  Opening a eStore in DaigouSales isn’t enough. We will target the right daigou audience to provide you the best path to success. From daigou VIP management to events and sampling programs, we will give you the best result possible.
  4. Customer Service:   Over 70% of sales in DaigouSales are assisted sales. Our Customer Service Representative will give you that sales edge by driving your product benefits while properly responding to daigou requests.
  5. Merchandising:  Driving traffic to your eStore isn’t enough, we need to drive the right traffic. Creating daigou advocates takes time and frankly is a daunting task, that’s where our expertise comes in.
  6. eStore Operations:  The day-to-day store management that is handled by us. Anything from designs to promotions. We will drive the best ROI with your marketing budget.

If you have interest in getting started then please contact us