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Who we are

Reach China is the ultimate China Focused, Brand Incubation Company!

We leverage our domestic business; BuyNatural to develop the home market Retail Sales and eCommerce programs. Then under Reach China, prepare brands for export using our Daigou programs, CBEC and General Trade channels.

Reach China provides brands with an ultimate pathway into Cross Border trade with China. Our brand incubation program commences with a domestic component then introduces a China export element as the brand gains awareness and appeal. It is important when considering Chinese export that brands firstly have a strong domestic presence as Chinese consumers want to know that the brand is credible and reliable in the home market.

We are a distribution, sales and marketing company representing a number of key categories; mother & baby, health & wellness, beauty and other products for consumers around Australia and living in China.

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As your brand representative,

Our goal is to help to expand and grow sales in the home market and develop your Chinese export opportunities.

Our team has assisted many Australian and New Zealand brands to successfully launch into the Australian retail sector as well as connect them with Chinese consumers in a meaningful way, navigating them through the multiple layers of sales, marketing and distribution networks.

We work with brands by assisting them to be ranged within the Australian retail sector, engage the local Chinese daigou traders and gift store owners, manage B2C eCommerce sites (i.e., Tmall,, Sunning) and cooperate with B2B China distributors to get in market presence. Our expertise takes the risk out of expanding your brand into the world’s fastest growing market.

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Our team is ready to establish and grow your brand for the Chinese market. To request a copy of our company profile or arrange a discussion with with our sales team, please contact us today