We are a China Export Focused, Brand Incubation Company!

We work with Company’s who want to sell into China. This means brands need to transition from a local, domestic focus to having an export focus. We take brands on a cross-border transition, supporting them in the local market as well as developing them for CBEC and General Trade in China.

Developing your brand for an export market such as China, takes careful planning and consideration – a process that takes considerable time and effort. So before jumping onto the China bandwagon and rushing in, give Reach China a call. We can help you understand some of the areas you will need to consider as well as give you some guidance in taking the first steps.

You need a trusted partner to help you navigate the path to China. Let Reach China work with you in growing your brand with a focus on Chinese consumers.

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What We Do

We work with brands who want to sell their products in China.

Our approach is driven by discovery and integration of all brand touch points. The power of our process is that it enables all brand stakeholders to envision their cross-border journey tomorrow, today.

We examine the local marketplace, consumer sentiment, and the inherent strengths and opportunities in a brand. Then look to establish a pathway to China and ensuring the brand aligns with the needs and desires of Chinese consumers.

We have a local business; BuyNatural which provides domestic Retail Sales and eCommerce programs and a Cross-Border business, Reach China that prepares brands for export via our Daigou programs, CBEC and General Trade channels.

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Start your China Cross Border Journey

China is the world’s largest ecommerce market and is an important expansion target for international brands.

China is now the world’s largest online shopping market. Driven by rising levels of personal wealth and high Internet connectivity, Chinese consumers spent over US$1 trillion online in 2018.

A notable trend is the purchasing of Western brands through contacts living overseas. These trusted contacts are known as ‘Daigou’ and buy on behalf of Chinese living in China. Products are brought by the daigou’s then shipped as a small parcel, personal delivery back to the requestor of the goods.

More recently, growing numbers of Chinese are starting to buy directly from overseas brands and retailers through cross-border online shopping – known as ‘haitao’ or CBEC (cross-border E-commerce). Simply, it involves a Chinese consumer placing an order online with an overseas based online retailer, who ships the product from outside China.

Typically, overseas brands and retailers have sold cross-border into China through online marketplaces offered by China’s E-commerce giants, such as Alibaba and JD.com. While this is the best-known model, there is increased recognition that without developing the brand through Daigou and the Haitao communities the online platforms likely fail to drive sales.

The complexities and challenges involved in selling into China mean the “one size fits all” approach is no longer appropriate to meet market demands. As a result, Reach China established itself as a China focused, Brand Incubator. We are a business that partner’s and represents brands who want to develop their export channel.

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Our team is ready to establish and grow your brand for the Chinese market. To request a copy of our company profile or arrange a discussion with with our sales team, please contact us today