As your brand representative,

Our goal is to grow your brand’s awareness, create a curiosity for your products and develop sales from Chinese consumers.

Our team has assisted many Australian and New Zealand brands to successfully connect with Chinese consumers in a meaningful way, navigating them through the multiple layers of sales, marketing and distribution networks.

Exporting your products to China takes careful planning and consideration – including trademark and product registration in China; advertising and marketing; on-line and off-line sales platforms; cross border payments; and logistics that can provide cost-effective product delivery from Australian sellers to the Chinese consumers’ doors.

When you appoint Reach China as your Brand Representative, we work together to market, sell and distribute into China.

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From the initial consulting to the go-live, Reach China offers a broad range of services to develop your brand domestically with a view to exporting to China.


Reach China holds a unique position for Australian and New Zealand companies seeking brand representation in China.

We work with Chinese traders/daigou locally to develop deeper insights about the product prior to migrating into the various Chinese B2C platforms and into Chinese distributor networks seeking high quality ANZ products.

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Make your brand grow up with us!

Reach China helping you grow your brand

A full array of services

to build your brand in China, from the initial consulting to the go-live.

China is now the world’s largest online shopping market. Driven by rising levels of personal wealth and high Internet connectivity, Chinese consumers spent over US$1 trillion online in 2018.

A notable trend is the purchasing of Western brands through contacts living overseas. These trusted contacts are known as ‘Daigou’ and buy on behalf of Chinese living in China. Products are brought by the daigous then shipped as a small parcel, personal delivery back to the requestor of the goods.

More recently, growing numbers of Chinese are starting to buy directly from overseas brands and retailers through cross-border online shopping – known as ‘haitao’ or CBEC (cross-border E-commerce). Simply, it involves a Chinese consumer placing an order online with an overseas based online retailer, who ships the product from outside China.

Typically, overseas brands and retailers have sold cross-border into China through online marketplaces offered by China’s E-commerce giants, such as Alibaba and While this is the best-known model, there is increased recognition that without developing the brand through Daigou and the Haitao communities the online platforms likely fail to drive sales.

The complexities and challenges involved in selling into China mean the “one size fits all” approach is no longer appropriate to meet market demands. As a result, Reach China developed a three step process in taking brands into China; Phase I – Daigou Shoppers (D2C), Phase II – Haitao Shoppers (B2C) Phase III – Chinese Shoppers (B2B). Our approach of building brands in this approach alongside the brand owners is likely the best model to reduce risk, cost and stress for all involved.

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